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Betty A. Gross

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BETTY A. GROSS has been actively pursuing her joy of nature photography for the past 20 years. An avid lover of the outdoors, she hopes to pass on to those who view her work the awesome beauty found outside of the city limits as well as in her own backyard.

Her philosophy:

“To remind us all that nature is something to be enjoyed and preserved for future generations. Those undisturbed, natural areas around us should be at the forefront of our minds each day as they shrink and disappear at an alarming rate. To educate those unfamiliar with the outdoors and all the beauty it has to offer. To help preserve these areas so vital to our very existence in the world.”

All photographs found here are available for sale - just order quickly and easily on-line.

To request any other information, you can contact Betty at: 219-730-0853
or e-mail Betty at: bagnaturephotos@yahoo.com

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